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Over the past few years several terms have emerged in the lexicon of start-up companies. None more important than the “angel investor”.

An angel investor is your neighbor, the lady in your Rotary Club, the successful businessman who now seeks to make a return while helping others grow their businesses.

So how do you find an angel?


Look at your rolodex. Look in your contacts. Network.

Most angels decide to invest for a few simple reasons, including:

  • They know the business sector.
  • They know the entrepreneur.
  • They know the technology.
  • They know someone they trust who is investing.

In short, to find an angel investor, you need to look. Angels networks exist, but avoid limiting yourself to organized networks.

It will take longer than you think.

Be prepared to talk a lot about your business idea, your plans, and your potential.

Talk about investment needs – and potential exit strategies.

Be honest about your strengths and challenges.

The right fit between entrepreneur and early stage investor can often create a powerful alliance to launch your new venture.


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