Flying Cars | From The Desk Of Jeff MitchellA flying car? Maybe.

AeroMobil unveiled their environmentally friendly vehicle that operates as car and an aircraft at last month’s Monaco car show, Top Marques.

Here’s a picture. When I saw the article I called to find out about my Dad’s first car. I learned it was a 1952 Chevrolet. He bought it for $48 a month for 12 months from a used car lot. It had a new technology called “power glide,” which made shifting from low to high better. It was amazing!

Now we have engineers designing a vehicle that can supposedly fly 466 miles on a single electric charge. Reports indicate the company has closed three rounds of financing since its seed financing round in 2010. The Slovakian company has big plans to sell the car for $1.3 million in 2020.That’s just three years! I guess it’s time for Dad to meet George Jetson!

Flying Cars | From The Desk Of Jeff Mitchell

Think about this today…

“Flying a good airplane doesn’t require near as much attention as a motor car.”

– Charles Lindbergh upon arriving in Paris after his flight to Europe

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