Jeff MitchellAre you planning on starting your own business or need help establishing one? Attorney Jeff Mitchell is a highly qualified and experienced business attorney who can help you understand the dynamics of corporate transactions and legal advice. To learn more about Mitchell and his qualifications, check out the description below!

Jeff Mitchell is a Tazwell-grown business lawyer and family-oriented individual located in Blacksburg, Virginia who deals mostly with corporate legal transactions. Mr. Mitchell provides legal services to entrepreneurs who are eager to grow, buy, sell or launch a business. Throughout Mr. Mitchell’s career, he has accomplished a multitude of high honors most notably graduating from the University of Richmond Law School, top 10 of his class. Some other accomplishments of Mr. Mitchell include being the past President of the Virginia Public Safety Foundation, and currently serving on the Board of Directors of Historic Smithfield just to name a few. Mr. Mitchell is always curious to learn and has the mentality of an entrepreneur. He gives back to his community by letting younger scholars and entrepreneurs intern under him and his firm. Clients are generally happy after legal advice and transactions due to Mr. Mitchell’s positive and enthusiastic nature. Mr. Mitchell has faced many similar obstacles that small business owners face on a daily basis, but he doesn’t let that get in the way of his work and success. As a small business lawyer, Mr. Mitchell has seen both sides of a business and this perspective has allowed him and his services to become the successful firm they are today!

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