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We designed this questionnaire to obtain information relevant to the organization of a new company. Please note that this questionnaire is a tool to elicit relevant information and does not, by itself, create any legal rights, representation or client status. We will use the information that you provide to prepare the documents that a new company would typically need to incorporate and begin operations.

Please provide as much information as you have available and leave any additional circumstances or comments you would like to include at the end of the questionnaire. While it is not necessary for you to answer every item before returning the questionnaire, you should understand that you will likely need to provide the requested information at some point during the start-up process. We expect that you will have questions about several of the items addressed in this questionnaire. In certain respects, we will use this questionnaire to form the basis for a dialogue on the issues relevant to organizing a new company. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions at all.

Thank you, for allowing us the opportunity to potentially work with you.

Organization Questionnaire

It is not necessary for you to answer every item before returning the questionnaire. Please provide as much information as you have available.

Step 1 of 7 - General Information


  • If you do not know in advance the type of entity for the company (i.e. LLC, corporation, partnership, etc.) then please discuss with your attorney

  • *Please let us know if this is different from the company's registered office.
  • *Registered Agent: Pursuant to the Virginia Code, as amended, a company is required to continuously maintain a registered agent and a registered office. Consideration should be given when appointing this individual in that the appointment is more than just a statutory requirement. The person the corporation designates will receive official state correspondence which will assist the corporation in maintaining good standing, and this person receives notice if the corporation is "served" with a lawsuit, therefore it is essential to avoid default judgments. If the entity is a LLC, other parties may serve as a Registered Agent. Please ask for details. The person must be a member of the Virginia State Bar or the person must be a resident of Virginia. We provide this service to our clients if you choose to appoint Jeffery K. Mitchell as your registered agent. Please list us above if you would like to appoint us as your Registered Agent.
  • (Must be a physical address in the state of formation -- no post office boxes)
  • If no required date, please include a reasonable estimation. Certain fees are required for expedited service.

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