The next time you are in Vegas I highly recommend you stay at the Delano.

Not because the room is amazing with a panoramic view of the lower strip, but it is.

Not because out to the west I could see the new Raiders stadium rising beside of Interstate 15, but I could.

No, I recommend the Delano because of the elevator.

Yes, the elevator.

As elevators go, it is nothing unique – except in one respect- the video screen.

Most hotels I stay in seem to use the elevator monitor to promote events in the hotel like the hotel happy hour or the hotel restaurant.

Not this one.

This screen constantly cycles quotes. Meaningful quotes. Quotes that inspire you and engage you. Quotes that make you stop and think.

Walking on to the elevator at the Delano brought me back to a time in college and law school when my parents would constantly send me inspirational cards (no texting back then!) often centered around a quote.

I would often marvel at the timeliness of the encouragement or inspiration they had sent. How did they know I was struggling or losing focus? I have even kept a few and over the years have revisited them from time to time.

Leaving the hotel a recent Sunday morning I realized that every time I got on the elevator, I had immediately checked the monitor for the quotes.

Which quote prompted this message?

A simple quote from Mark Twain that directly speaks to entrepreneurs: “The two most important days in your life are the day you were born and the day you find out why.”

My hope is that you know your why.

Think about this today…
“I was very fortunate in my gene mix. The gambling instincts I inherited from my father were matched by my mother’s gift for analysis.”

– T. Boone Pickens

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