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Picking a name for a product has always been difficult..

The magazine Fast Company once published a “The 8 Principles of Product Naming” providing great advice for picking a name (and gave examples):

“Even at the best of times, naming is a contentious and emotional business. Whether you’re naming your baby, your boat, or your brand, the process can breed nearly endless deliberation. Keep these principles in mind as you scout the perfect name.”

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  • Make it memorable (Yummy Tummy Koalas)
  • Say it out loud (Schwepps)
  • Don’t wait to fall in love with it (Google)
  • Listen to your fear (BlackBerry)
  • Stand out in the crowd (W Hotels)
  • Too much is never enough (Accenture)
  • Expect its story to evolve (Virgin)

I have watched clients pick names for companies, websites, and products over the years.

I always remember that my favorite product naming story involves an 11 year-old girl from Nice. Her father placed a large order for a newly designed automobile from his friend the automobile manufacturer. Then, he added a request that the car be named after his daughter.

Her name?


Think about this today…

“Oh Lord, won’t you buy me a Mercedes Benz.”

– Janice Joplin


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